The Assembly Judiciary Committee will vote on SB 323 next week on Tuesday, July 9th.
Below are four ways we need YOUR help: 
1.  Vote NO on S.B. 323. You can send our updated letter to the Assembly Judiciary Committee here
2.  Follow your Assembly Member on Facebook and Twitter to learn about community meetings. Several legislators hold local events and community coffee “meet ups” for residents to share their concerns. 
3.  You can schedule a meeting with your Assembly Members in their district office and build a closer relationship in order to expand advocacy efforts on behalf of community associations. 
4.  Get involved on our Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn channels. Like and share our posts to help us reach more people. You can also tag or direct message your Assembly Member with our posts asking them to Vote NO on S.B. 323. 
Visit our Legislative Session Hot Bills page to learn more ways you can help.