We continue to update our position on several bills being considered by the state legislature this year, all of which could significantly impact those living in common interest developments (CDIs). Here is what you need to know about Senate Bill 326 (Hill) and Senate Bill 754 (Moorlach) and why they have our full support. 

Senate Bill 326 (Hill): Infrastructure Inspection Bill Recognizes Needs of Community Associations While Protecting the Safety of Residents
CAI-CLAC Position: Support  
Senate Bill 326 (Hill) would require community associations to inspect balconies and other elevated structures to assure they are safe, by establishing practical procedures which associations can follow when they perform reserve studies. 
Senate Bill 754 (Moorlach): Election By Acclamation in Uncontested Community Association Elections 
CAI-CLAC Position: Support 
Senate Bill 754 (Moorlach) would allow candidates for community association boards to be elected by acclamation, without counting the ballots, if the number of candidates does not exceed the number of open seats when nominations are closed.
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